I'm Daniel

Nice to Meet You

I love ice cream, personal finance and standing in the middle of well lit offices. 😋

But seriously I do love helping people create plans, implement and build a healthy mindset around money. 

"budgeting isn't about limiting yourself - it's about making the things that excite you possible"

I believe...

"Vacations are way more fun when you have the money for them up front."

"Roller coasters are not fun 🤢 (and your finances should not feel like a roller roaster)"

"Home projects shouldn't be put off for what feels like forever."

"Holidays are more memorable when you don't dread paying for them a month later."

"A purchase today shouldn't bite you in the backside later."

Which brings me to why I do what I do...

Way back in 2011 I graduated pharmacy school...270K in student loans...had bought multiple computers and cars I didn't need. 

I started learning about investing and max out 401K while adding another $3,000 per month on my loans. 

I didn't look into day-to-day money management. I thought I was making tons of money...I'm good............I was not.

I continued to learn and became the person coworkers came to at work when they had financial questions. 

I was helping this older pharmacist and he saw my passion and asked me "Why didn't you just do this instead of being a pharmacist?" 

I guess I have him to thank for planting the seed for what I do today. 

Are we a good fit?...

  • are a healthcare worker
  • don't know where your money is going
  • want a simple system to budget the way you live without crazy restrictions
  • have an income over 70k
  • want to have money up front for vacations...etc
  • are willing to put in the work

  • are going through bankruptcy
  • have an income below 70k
  • want specific investment advice
  • want to be sold life insurance
  • want a quick fix without any work on your part

I Can help you if you...

I Can't help you if you...

all the best, Daniel

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